Monday, 11 July 2011


Examples of my work from my second year.
This design was made for Lost Art skateshop on Bold St Liverpool.
I sketched out a wheel complete with bearings. As a group we initially decided to go with an Aztec theme. The end of the world Mayan calendar stuff was pretty big at the time also so i combined   
skateboarding bits and bobs with Mayan style artwork. Lost art is written in vines underneath, i like it. Sketched in pencil, scanned into ps and coloured there too.

Two illustrations also made for the Lost Art Group project. As you can see The Aztec style, patterns and shapes theme is carried on.

Poster design for an Esben & the Witch gig at the Kazimier Liverpool. The hair is an exaggerated take on the female singers.  I found the music quite haunting, choral a little spooky and a bit mesmerising. For that reason i decided a face wasn't needed, made a spiral on Illustrator and used it as the bottom layer, I feel it brings everything together in the centre and pulls you in, a little like the music. I wanted to hypnotise people with it.

Harvest Sum Promotions also wanted a gig poster for Erland & the Carnival. After first listening to their album Nightingale i was left with an image of a puppet. I don't know why but i did, so i decided to go with it and came up with this. Puppet designed on Illustrator, the text was hand drawn and coloured in PS.

Along with the A3 colour posters, Harvest Sun also wanted two A0 B/W ones. I changed my direction with Esben & the Witch here but made Erland & the Carnival in a similar way. I'm not sure if this was a good idea as it would of been nice to have a consistent style with both bands, but i'm happy with how they look. I simply added a few instruments the band use, in puppet style, with the Erland poster and changed how the puppet was positioned. I wanted to achieve a bolder more eye catching poster with the other so i made some simple images showing the band members and the owl who appears on stage with them.

Ghosts of gone birds was a collaborative exhibition with film makers and Liverpool Museums Invertebrates Director Dr. Clemency Fisher. Each artist was asked to choose an extinct bird and create an image based on that bird. I chose the Green Spotted Pigeon, also known as the Liverpool Pigeon as the last remaining specimen is now in Liverpool. I sketched what i thought a tropical pigeon would look like from different pictures of pigeons and tropical birds and came up with this guy. I tried to draw him so he looked as though he was 'wild' and wanted the picture to look different from your average bird image. The cross over the middle represents how this species of bird is now gone or extinct. R.I.P. 

I made a B/W A3 fold up illustrated booklet on things i don't like. Included are Weird things in your Chinese takeaway, proper groomed shiney moustaches, ear hair and Cee-lo Green. I can't imagine anyone likes any of these things either.

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